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We represent various parties, including NRSRO’s, servicers, and special servicers in the securitization process, both at issuance and in connection with post-closing items and analysis.

Representative Transactions:
• Representation of an NRSRO in connection with standalone, conduit, and large loan securitizations.
• Representation of a servicer in negotiating complex servicing agreements, offering documents and other transaction documents for whole business securitization transactions, as well as for securitization transactions with various assets, such as cellular towers, ground leases, single-family rentals, easements, and other asset types.
• Representation of a special servicer in connection with analyzing various control rights and special servicer appointment procedures.

Senior and Subordinated Debt Purchases and Sales

We represent both purchasers and sellers of senior and subordinated debt. In addition, we represent holders and servicers of complex subordinated debt, including multiple participation and note structures in analyzing rights, restrictions, and obligations.

Representative Transactions:
• Representation of a major insurance company in buying and selling loans (including subordinated debt), mezzanine loans, and defeased assets.
• Representation of a special servicer in determining controlling holder rights and related issues.
• Representation of an NRSRO in connection with subordinated debt structure analysis.
• Representation of a governmental agency in the financing and sales of various asset pools.

Commercial Mortgage Loan Origination & Syndication

We represent clients in connection with originating various commercial mortgage loans.

Representative Transactions:
Representation of major insurance companies in originating commercial mortgage loans on large office, retail, multi-family, industrial, and self-storage properties.
Representation of major insurance companies in purchasing syndicated interests in commercial mortgage loans.


We represent various successor borrowers and a defeasance analyst in various types of defeasance transactions, including whole defeasance, partial defeasance, New York-style defeasance, and restructuring of defeasance collateral. We also represent sellers of defeased assets.

Representative Transactions:
• Representation of a successor borrower in multiple full and partial defeasances.
• Representation of a major insurance company in sales and liquidations of various defeased assets.

Services to Law Firms

We are hired by law firms to perform various services, including local counsel representation, documentation review, and legal opinion review.

Representative Transactions:
• Representation of multiple law firms in reviewing various pooling and servicing agreements and analyzing servicing provisions.
• Representation of a major law firm in reviewing and analyzing non-consolidation opinions.